I have decided to invest in branded sleeves....any favored resources for both quality and price?

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It depends on the setting doesn't it? My town, the competition either uses styrophoam, or SAMs club insulated cups....which are upgraded styrophoam. And are insulated cups competitive price wise to Kraft sleeves and plain cups?

Sorry to bump an old thread, but this seems the appropriate place to ask these questions. :)

Ok, so I think the idea that I read here about using plain sleeves & a rubber stamp is a BRILLIANT one. But I have searched long & hard to find what I'm looking for when it comes to a suitable Sleeve for this process & this seemed like the place to ask for help.

Here are the problems I'm running into:

I need it to be pre-assembled, not those sucky ones like the ones from Java-Jacket that you have to assemble yourself.

I need the sleeve to be smooth so that the stamp can be used. Most are textured.

I'd like it to be white. Most smooth ones are craft or brown. It's not a must. I would also accept a light colored craft so long as it met all the other requirements.

I'd like the sleeve to not have a waxy coating so that the stamp ink will absorb properly into the sleeve. Most white sleeves have a waxy coating.

So, here's what I'm asking, does anyone know where I can get an AFFORDABLE plain, pre-assembled, non-textured, non-wax-coated sleeve?

I would have thought this would be easy to find, but it seems like the rarest thing on the planbet right now LOL

Any help is so appreciated.

Stay Caffeinated, my friends.

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