Hello everyone.  I am staring a coffee shop in Granbury, Texas.  This is a new endeavor for me.  Can someone recommend a good cost efficient source for coffee cups and lids?  I'm looking for paper cups and also plastic cups for teas and smoothies.  Thanks for your input.  I appreciate it.

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While I don't disagree they are a great product, though IMO not priced competitively, in full disclosure of such a testimonial ought to mention you are the inventor and owner of FoamAroma...

Craig Bailey said:

When you talk with David Blackney ask him if he has the FoamAroma lid (www.foamaroma.com).  This lid provides the best drinking experience available when you have to use a paper cup and lid.  Don't short change your customers by providing the best coffee drink possible then ask them to put on a lid with a small hole.  Lids do make a difference in the sensory experience.

Hey Mike, good to hear from you.  First, your area in the Pacific NW (and West Coast) has an advantage not found across the country.  Cash & Carry prices are very hard to beat with the volume they handle.  In other parts of the country the local distributors sell and deliver FoamAroma at competitive prices.  A simple Google search shows online pricing to also be very good and often better than the name brand lids.  Secondly, my profile states that I am the inventor and owner of FoamAroma LLC.  I thought this would be sufficient.  I try to not do a sales job in this forum as this is an exchange of ideas.  Thanks for your comments and hope to share an espresso with you the next time I am in town.

Check out www.javastock.com as well.  Easy and about the same price as the distributers we have used in the past...

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