Hello everyone.  I am staring a coffee shop in Granbury, Texas.  This is a new endeavor for me.  Can someone recommend a good cost efficient source for coffee cups and lids?  I'm looking for paper cups and also plastic cups for teas and smoothies.  Thanks for your input.  I appreciate it.

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Try these guys, we use them for our shop and I know they ship.  I've found them less expensive than most.


Thanks Albert, I'll give it a look.

Paradise Coffee said:

Thanks Albert, I'll give it a look.

Search for a local paper distributor in your area that delivers. Ask restaurants who they use.

+1 if you have someone in mind for your other consumables get pricing form them AND ASK FOR A DISCOUNT. We use Solo at our cafe and are getting it substantially cheaper than the originally quoted

Jay Caragay said:

Search for a local paper distributor in your area that delivers. Ask restaurants who they use.

Thanks Jay and Jason.  That is very helpful information Jason, I will ask for a discount when I finally decide on a paper distributor.  Thanks again fellas.

Shop 3 local distributors and ask for discounts before committing to anyone make them work for your business. Same thing for everything you will buy put it all on a spreadsheet and hand it to the rep when they walk in the door, ask for their best price. The more organized you are with this stuff the better deal you will get.

Thanks Jason, I appreciate your input.  I will do exactly that :)

Texas Specialty Beverage carrys tons of cups. They don't have a website, but they deliver all around Dallas/Ft.Worth Area. You can call David Blackney at (205) 441-8555. He's super nice and helpful.

Thanks Justine, I'll give David a call.

Yes, talk to David Blackney - he's fantastic, we've been using him for 2 1/2 years. Also, cupdepot.com has amazing prices + free shipping. David also has a guy named Gavin who's a great espresso tech, in case on of your machines ever go down. I don't know if they make it out to granbury, but its worth a shot.

Hope that helps!

When you talk with David Blackney ask him if he has the FoamAroma lid (www.foamaroma.com).  This lid provides the best drinking experience available when you have to use a paper cup and lid.  Don't short change your customers by providing the best coffee drink possible then ask them to put on a lid with a small hole.  Lids do make a difference in the sensory experience.

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