I'm looking for some new Cupping Spittoons for my cupping room. Does anyone know where I can find any for sale online that don't cost $700 each? Or does anyone want to make a couple for me?

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have you entertained the idea of just using paper cups? or, if you're eco-friendly, reusable ones?
all the cuppings i've been to, while some what informal, we have carried our own cups around the table.
is there a particular reason you want a spittoon?
I've been using the bottom to a cocktail shaker in my home setup and I've seen those used at a roastery as well. I'd almost rather have personal spit cups than a large spitoons; I hear the metal hourglass ones are a really gross to clean out.
i am currently using 5 gallon buckets on the floor. We are a roaster and I do a lot of sample roasting and cupping and so there may be a day that I am cupping 50-100 cups and it saves me a lot of time when I am cleaning the top of the cups with two spoons. SO I don't have a third hand to hold the spit cup and need something on the floor. Right now with the 5 gallon bucket, it is splashing up some because it's sitting on the floor.
Harmonica neck harness with a milk pitcher... J/J
Joe...I like the way you are thinking. That is a little out there but it might just work.

Joe Marrocco said:
Harmonica neck harness with a milk pitcher... J/J
Thought about 'decorative' vases?

These are a bit short but maybe a few would work: http://www.target.com/Porcelain-Luster-Vase-14/dp/B001GXMGL6/sr=1-4...

Or if you could fill the holes in the bottom: http://www.simplyplanters.com/planters/ceramic/brunellotallneckvase...

Didn't see what I was really looking for after a quick search but you might.

Good luck

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