In his first video blog, Jim Hoffman tells us what he thinks about crema.

Has anyone else tried something similar? It reminds me of the french press method that Mark Prince has been advocating as of late, which I have been using with great results.

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Deferio said:
This is not the re-invention of espresso. It is a blog post and an opinion...albeit a weighty one.
Question: "What does this mean for the industry?"
Answer: "Same thing the naked portafilter meant."

Espresso SHOULD have some pleasant bitters.
This is simply a way to make the shot sweeter but not "better" by definition. Sometimes sweeter at the expense of bitter is a loss and not a gain.
In the end this skimming the shot will be a great training tool and industry insider menu option... but not a way of life for the cafe. The same way splitting the shots extractions ala-Michael Phillips will not replace traditional shots. The same as a beers head is a required indicator of its character and authenticity...and is much more biter than the liquid.
-Chris Deferio
yeah i think even the most geeky barista among us has fallen prey to the idea that espresso should always be "sweet" in its own way. it shouldn't be sour, of course, but a great bourbon or scotch isn't exactly sweet, yet has those pleasant bitters described above. well put, and thanks for digging this thread back up. good info

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