I am looking at switching from Bank Card USA to someone who can accept and use the Idynamo.  I have heard so many bad things about mercury but seem to have got the best sales pitch from them.  I have also been talking to payment revolution.   Please help!!!

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That is all it is is a sales pitch.I WOULD NOT GO BACK TO MERUCRY. Hidden fees aftrer the first year they charge you a yearly fee of $400.00 plus the fees every day. Was charged 25cents for every declined transaction I have never heard of anyone charging for this. Customer service folks say to bad its in the contract and it is item 33 of 35 dont sign.

P.S. by the way I have Selby soft and love the service and support.

thank you so much! We went with payment revolution.  I wish we could afford selby soft, maybe in the future.

Square, Square, Square.  Lowest fees and easiest setup, least commitment.  All you need is an internet connection and an iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone (haven't tried it with a notebook or desktop yet...).

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