I'm part of a new, small coffee shop in Sherwood, OR.  Well, new in a way.  We bought out the previous owners and kept the name but changed everything else.  THAT decision aside, most of our current customers drink flavored lattes, smoothies, iced tea, ect.  There are several other shops nearby including Starbucks and we'd like to carve out a share of the market.  Most customers that we have order VERY flavored lattes or smoothies.  My question is:  is it worth our time to try to create a market for high-end coffee or should we concentrate on competing with the other quasi-specialty coffee shops in our area?  Has anybody tried this and what happened?


I realize that results vary from market to market but I'm just looking for broad concepts! :)

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If you carve out a new market segment in your area, you will own that segment. 


Do you want to be one of the last, or just another, "Specialty" shop on people's minds, or do you want to be the first Quality shop on people's minds?


The only thing you need to compete with is expectations. Mind you, this is not easy, but deliver, and you're golden.



Thank you so much for that!  I totally agree.  I just had a discussion with the owners on this issue and brought up these points.  I love the process and heart in quality espresso and I hope that we end up going in that direction.  Regardless, though, thanks for the input!
I think that there already is a market in Sherwood and you just created a platform that you can reach out to them from. What ever you do and offer, make sure it's something that your passionate about. That's what customers come back for.

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