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I recently highly enjoyed this blog post from a local brewery in Durham NC that really got me thinking. I wanted to post it here for you all to read and think about. I think there are some real parallels to be drawn but obviously we have our own struggles that are distinct to our industry. Would love to hear your thoughts and generate some discussion.




"That Brewery Sucks" from the blog at Fullsteam.com

 - http://www.fullsteam.ag/blog/2011/02/that-brewery-sucks/

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Thanks for sharing this. I must totally agree with the blog. I've always tried to explain this to a particular friend of mine who will say a certain, hugely successful, band sucks. And I always respond the same. "How can you say they suck? they sell millions of albums every year, have a huge fan base that would completely disagree with you. so how exactly do they suck?" Everyone has their own taste! Everyone's taste in coffee is a little different, or sometimes largely different. It's all right to not like something, but just say it like that! "I don't like it because...." I get so tired of people that say something is terrible and can't give a real reason why.

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