From January 4th-18th I will be traveling to Costa Rica with a few friends doing various activities, but one thing we all want to do is visit a coffee farm. I am not really sure where we are going to be as of right now, but are there any suggestions on where to go or processes to get to go to a coffee farm? Or is it basically find one and talk to people to go visit?

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Meredith, I get our coffee from Javataza, who uses Costa Rican Coffee exclusively at this point. Look at this link:

BX Member Eldon Hooley is my sales and product rep from Javataza, and he would be glad to talk to you about their operations in Costa Rica.

Two of the girls who work at our bakery recently went to Costa Rica. and I had them visit Javataza's representative there. They really enjoyed their visit.
Hey! I am going to be in Costa Rica Dec. 26th thru jan 4th.... I am trying to do the same thing... we are staying on the Caribbean coast, and the closest place to visit that I have found is near Volcan Irazu, in the Turrialba region... visit also there are the popular ones like the doka estate and cafe britt near San Jose...but if you are like me, I want to find something a little less touristy and check it out. The lady that is renting us our vacation home in Puerto Viejo has a connection with a coffee buyer that lives nearby that we are supposed to get with. I would think playing it by ear might be best when you get there.... good luck! La Pura Vita!
Thanks! I think the general consensus with our group is playing by ear but I still want to have a general plan when we get there and your info will definitely help out a lot! I'm soo excited to go and it's still a decent amount of time away!

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