Hello all!  I am working on preparing a business plan and was wondering if you could share the following info:

Average monthly cost of a basic phone line to cafe:

Average monthly cost of wi-fi:

Average utilities cost (based on 150 customers/day):


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1) Call your local phone company

2) Call your local internet providers

3) Customers/day about the smallest factor in cost of utilities. Based on information given (zero) anywhere from $300-$3000/month depending on building size/type, location (average summer/winter temps etc.), type and amount of equipment... 

Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful response.  Eek...

Maybe I should clarify, I am not looking for the info to help me determine my own costs…I have done that.  I am looking to show where "on the scale" my costs average based on some market research.

Here's what we pay:

phone + internet - 140

Electric + gas - 400-600

Lucky for us we don't pay water/sewer :) Best of luck!

Let's please keep discussions on topic. Thanks!

Tara, in the spirit of sharing knowledge for mutual benefit, perhaps you could share your numbers? That would help everyone understand what you were seeing and facilitate an apples-to-apples comparison. It would also generate another data point to help any future owners that will be in your position.

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