for those of you that offer self serve and/or condiments. how is it set up?. 

i'm looking specifically at what containers do you use....tall, wide, square, round?  what kind, if any, shakers do you use, how much space do you have?



looking at revamping ours, looking for fresh ideas!

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This isn't exactly what you were asking about; but: I'd suggest not having a garbage station mixed in with a condiment station. That is very common but it really isn't clean or overy healthy. A drain with a bucket, for sure, but I'd suggest having a garbage bin near to but not actually in the condiment station.
Ours is on a 24x30 table that didn't fit in the main seating area :).

The Sugar-Equal-Splend and Low packets live in a low 4-compartment round basket. Natural and white granulated sugars live in a pair of those ubiquitous stainless-steel topped glass dispensers - the kind with the little flippy lid to cut your finger off with when you struggle to remove the lid. Half-n-half chills in a liter-ish stainless carafe. Napkins and stir-sticks (the old standard wood ones - haven't switched to fettuccine noodles yet) round out the ensemble' in containers that are unremarkable enough that I can't recall them. We do have a conveniently-located trash can (you know, to dump our coffee in) next to but not in our condiment station.

No fresh ideas here... sorry.
I have 2 tall 4-section plastic organizers that we got from a restaurant supply company online. Went tall because our table space was limited, due to a bulk grinder, Fetco brewer, and two Fetco Luxus dispensers, not to mention a small display of whole bean coffee selections.
I'll take a picture and post tomorrow, i find ours to be fairly minimalist. Hate condiment stations. CONSTANTLY need to be checked, always messy.

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