Hi guys. Would love to get your feedback on the new web site I am building with a couple of friends. It will go public soon, but for now we are still in beta. Disclosure – this is a commercial web site. Click here: ROASTe.com --Thanks!

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Here are my thoughts, as a user of websites, not a designer, so take them for what they're worth....

I felt a little overwhelmed with the amount of information presented. What I wanted to do was search for coffee by vendor, which you make possible! I just had trouble filtering out the rest of the site to find the link. I'd try and have the "shopping" section segregated somehow.

One other thing that would be a deal breaker for me. I need to know how fresh the coffee is. If you've purchased an amount and then are selling it, it's roast date is going to be older than if I order direct. If you order from a roaster for me and they ship, it's likely to be as fresh. I'd want to know how fresh it is, and would suggest that info is up front somewhere easy to see.

Good luck!
Thanks Pedal, excellent feedback! BTW, the coffee does ship direct from the roasters, so you get it fresh. We will try to make it more obvious.
I think that in an effort to present a more polished side to coffee the goal has been a bit over-achieved. I think that if I was the guy in the picture holding the mug, this site would be exactly what I am looking for. However, if you are trying to be aproachable to any other demographic, you may want to make it a bit less pipe shop. The focus of the site is kind of lost as well. It seems pretty busy. Maybe check out some sites run by some of the industry leaders. Check out how they present their focus, navigating ability and how you get only as much info. as you want. If you want to learn more about something you can click here or there. All of the site's info. is not on the main page. Great choice asking for advice, by the way. Just remember though, it is your site, not mine, and not anyone else's who will respond here. You will probably get a lot of good and bad advice from this site. I probably have given you both. At the end of the day, you have to be happy with a site that best represents you and your product. Good Luck!!
It would be nice if you credited Mark Prince for his espresso photo.
Thanks for pointing this out Marshall. I went back to the Wiki royalty free library to double check and I added a title naming Mark as the source (visible when hovering over the picture).

Note that we have concluded our beta successfully, and you can now find us on our root URL www.ROASTe.com. Do visit us again.


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