Can anyone recommend a hotel in Bogota?  Near Corferias/Expospeciales (site of the worlds).

I'd love to be there and I am trying to put together an itinerary of things and stuff to do and see.  Anyone have any advice?  Anybody have a room in Bogota?



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Try for a room, lots of people in Bogotá especially just for one person.  Word of advice:Corferias is a nice area of Bogotá but anything immediately surrounding it in all directions isn't so nice... If you can't stay in Corferias be very careful about which neighborhood you choose to stay in.

Thanks for the information.

Booked a hotel but still looking for ideas on what else to do in the big city.

Is anyone else from barista exchange going there?

Probably a few competitors!

I wonder if Matt would arrange a meeting of anyone interested whiole down there...Maybe arrange a BX junket to a farm or two?  Matt, you there?!

Wouldn't mind joining the meet if I have some spare time there.
I'll be in Bogota from the 31st to the 6th. Instead of staying at one of the official hotels, I decided that I wanted a more traditional view of Bogota and am staying at a 4-room inn in the Candeleria district (the old historic heart of the city, near many of the universities). But I'll be around-- I'm going to be a sensory judge-- and would be interested in joining up with any sort of meet-up.

I'm staying at The Ibis with a good contingent of Canadians.

You're welcome to swim in the pool with us if you bring beer!

Pretty certain that there will be impromptu gatherings most days/nights.

I'm staying at an apartment with my friend here around Cll32 and K7.  I'd be interested in a meet-up potentially, here until the morning of June7th.


As far as stuff to do in the city so far the Botanical Gardens, Gold museum, free museums downtown (around the university) and just walking aimlessly have been my favorite activities.  I haven't had much luck finding a great cup of coffee here but so far the best by far is a little breakfast/lunch place surrounded by bushes around Cll71 and K6 called Bagatella.  Just in case anyone ends up being interested here are my favorite restaurants down here so far as well:

*Quinoa & Amaranta has a delicious set menu with soup, a main plate, and juice for about 12mil (about US$6).  It's very healthy (and therefore bland to many) vegetarian food.  This is in the heart of the Candelaria.

*the said breakfast place, Bagatella, also has some pretty damn delicious food.  I think they have the best pancakes I've ever tried.  Their egg dishes, bagels, and pastries are also excellent.

*There's a place called Wok right next to the Nacional Museum around K7 and Cll31-ish that has amazing asian food.


I've also found a few good places to sit with your laptop or go rock climbing or play pool if anyone is interested- message me!  Hope to meet some of you!

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