So this morning, an Indian friend of mine at work fixed me up a cup of Coffee with chicory.  He told me that Coffee in India is usually mixed with the chicory root because the cost of Coffee is so high in India.


I found the coffee he made me to be pretty good actually.  It was smooth and bold.  Has anyone else out here ever had it?  What are your thoughts?

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Common in some areas of the South in the US, especially 'nawlins. Usually a darker roast mixed with chicory. Hold over from during Civil war when coffee was hard to get. Cafe Dumond in the French Quarter is famous for their coffee with chicory, and beignets of course.


Not something I'd do with good Specialty coffees. But if you're fixin' up some beignets, it's a must!

Hey guys,

I've an event coming up to provide coffee for...the brunch food items are Mardi Gras themed! Thinking it might be fun to try something out. Has anybody experimented with chicory and have any recipes? I'm assuming I'll be able to find what I need at a local spice shop. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated. I want to do something interesting, but not willing to make the already stellar coffee I'll be serving muddled up with strangeness! I understand the historical aspects and needs / cause for using chicory as a blending element to lessen the cost but now you can't talk about the big easy and coffee without hearing about Cafe Du Monde and chicory. I've never tried the crap so any advice or opinions at all are welcomed! Thanks...

I wouldn't assume you'll easily find roasted chicory at a spice shop. I know Penzeys, where I get most of my personal spices, doesn't carry it. Sweet Maria's does:


Coffee brewed with chicory has a very distinct taste. While Tom suggests 2:1 coffee to chicory, on the rare occasions I brew 'nawlins style I go 3:1 otherwise the chicory is just too over powering.

its great, we serve a vietnamese coffee mixed with chicory. the ish with it ( at least that ive found) is that you cant pick to intense of a dark roast to mix with the chicory or it will wayyy over power the chic and end up tasting odd.

p.s. its becoming a new fad in the states but its funny to me since chicory is what they give inmates in prison instead of coffee :P


o and you can buy cafe du mond + chicory in one happly lil yellow can. check out some bodegas theyll prolly have it. I know UNFI & BIRITE offer chicory alone in 1lb to 5lb increments & if your planning a mardi gras thing dont forget the condensed milk


there ya go. straight or blended. keep in mind you cant order whole bean coffee with chicory.

You may even be able to pick up some chicory coffee at your local Indian market.

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