So my girlfriend and I are going to Bonnaroo June 10-13 and are looking for shops to stop at along our route from Chicago IL to Manchester TN... Any suggestions?... Our direct most route takes us through Indianapolis and Nashville but we noticed that St. Louis could also be on the way... Also thinking of maybe leaving a day or so early so we'd have a day for anything fun to do... So hit me with some ideas...
Chris Z

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We're tickling the idea of going straight down I65 and then coming back the St. Louis way after... We wont know until the end of the month if we'll have time after... We may have to be back in Chicago on the 14th :-(... A coffee tour of St. Louis sounds awesome to me so I'm hopin it's do-able

Joe Marrocco said:
Come through St. louis and get some Kaldi's!! I'll try to meet up with you and give you a St. Louis coffee tour, if possible. Just let me know ahead of time. Coffee Hound is great in Bloomington. Copper River in Peoria, Joe Sipper's in Effingham (They also have the best Effingham Sandwich you'll ever have,) and Paradiso in Urbana. There are more, but mainly in St. Louis.


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