We bought a shop 1 month ago. It has been around for 8 months and has not generated a huge brand following.

We are doing this as social entrepreneurs, wanting the profits to go to help support orphans in Africa, S. & C. America (coffee growing regions). This is phase one, merging with a roaster (next door) phase two.

Community, quality and support for orphans is who we want to be.

I really would appreciate input. We are thinking of World Cup Coffee, Coppa del Mundo, Tazza del Mundo, with a tag line "from the world, to the world".

Reading other discussions here about "ease of tongue" makes me a uncertain of the Italian names.


We think we may have come up with a viable name!!!

"The Trestle coffee house" Why? We live on an island connected by bridge to the mainland. Near our shop is an old railroad trestle that has recently become a walking/bike path. Its really a cool addition to our small town. This will help associate our location with the locals and the tourists alike. Also, a trestle is a support structure for bridges, which is what we want to become to orphans.

What do YOU think?

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I would say, not "World Cup Coffee" , as I immediately thought of soccer, not orphaned children. If I think of something better, I'll post again.
I do love soccer. How about World's Cup or The World's Cup.
I am not a fan of John Lennon, nor of humanistic thought, but I have no objection to humanitarian efforts. Perhaps you could borrow the word "Imagine" from Lennon's song. Just a random thought.
Personally i like Tazza del Mundo the best
My thinking is use "espresso" in the name. Ease of people knowing what you sell is a good thing.
Second Shot Coffee (or espresso) "in the cup, in a life"
Second Crack Coffee (or espresso) "for the cup, and the kid"
Get yourself a good lawyer and pick a name, logo and tagline that:
1. Is not already protected and in use.
2. Will not be chosen by future businesses that you will have to chase down.

I few dollars spent now can save you many thousands of dollars and hours of grief down the road. Your orphans will thank you!
I agree with Marshall...

I would try somethying more local or tied to your community - usually safe - gets local traffic and visitors interested - easy, unless you are planning a world wide marketing attack on the coffee industry.

My thoughts...

LaGrange Coffee Roasters
I suggest.


And the domains .com and .net are available.

Good luck.
I have not done a trademark search (which you should do) and have no idea if your name is actually available, but your choice of "Trestle Coffee House" would be considered a "good" mark in the perverse world of trademark law, because nothing about "trestle" suggests coffee, and the chances of others choosing a similar name in the future are probably relatively low. I've got no opinion about it from a marketing standpoint.
Three thoughts:

1) Listen to Marshall on the legal tips. He's been around.

2) World Cup Coffee (and all derivatives where World and Cup are together ) totally sound like soccer, not coffee.

3) Before we sold it, my cafe was named Espresso dell'Anatra (Espresso of the Duck) and it was a nightmare to spell or pronounce by anyone not on the staff. People wanting to give us press screwed up the spelling, which means that we lost Google hits, etc., not to mention that people who were actively searching for us did not always find us. We ran NPR radio ads, they always butchered the name. I will never use a non-native tongue name again, despite the romance / authenticity factor that, I hate to say it, are mostly in our own perceptions of what the name COULD represent and may not be representative of what the customer sees.

So now, my small consulting business is named Coffee With A. Duck and while I admit the bit of cheese in the name, it's easy as heck to remember, spell and pronounce. Just my two bits.
I want to thank all of you for your input, I really appreciate it and totally agree with many of your points especially

World Cup does equals soccer not coffee
Foreign names are not easy (my wife REALLY agrees with this)
Attorney to check the name status - Yes
Local Connection is very important

We feel (attorney pending) that "The Trestle coffee house" meets most if not all of these points. Additionally this is the first name that feels right. Keep the input coming we need it.


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