How do you guys ship roasted coffee? I know the price points are fairly slim for roasted coffee--especially skilled labor and good coffee.  But how do you guys ship? Click and ship from USPS seems the best way, but I'm  interested in other options. I dislike putting the price burden on customers, but I don't see many alternatives. If I'm digging up the dead with this question then I invite transport to the nearest old post. Thanks!

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I have gone over this a hundred times with shipping my coffee.  It always comes back to flat rate through the USPS.  As much as I hate spending that much, I have found no better way.  Its the fastest too.  

I dont have to buy boxes or tape.  The boxes are always the same size and they are delivered to me as well.  I like it just for the ease.

I ship 2x12oz or 1x2lb USPS Flatrate envelope cost $4.75. 3x12oz fit into padded Flatrate envelope $4.95. Next up med flatrate box $10.50, up 8x12oz perfect fit, or 4x2lb 1x5lb etc, then comes lrg flatrate box $14.70. I charge $5 shipping any size order.

I do 12-12oz in a large flat rate box...perfect too.

Good to know, I was wondering how well coffee would ship in those flat rate envelopes.  I had even considered shipping to myself to see how well a bag held up.

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