Hello Fellow Barista xchangers!!

I am currently setting up a roastery in Seattle, WA.

 we are starting small and we have purchased a used Diedrich IR3TT 3kilo from a roaster from

Florida. We had worked on a natural gas and it is hooked up to our unit however I need

someone who knows well about coffee roasting machine to install our machine to the gas line

and also the afterburner that we have.

Is there any technician or expert on coffee roaster that we call and have them install our machine?

We also have contacted the manufacturer (Diedrich), but I am not sure they would help me install it, as I remember on their site they said the machine needs to be connected before they can do maintenance and inspection. I will wait till what they can do for us.

but if they couldn't help us.

is there anyone around Seattle who is able to connect that gas line, afterburner, vent system, maintenance? any technicians?

thanks again for your help!!

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A good HVAC guy is a place to start. Look for people experienced with industrial boilers, etc. Roasters are a snap compared to other machinery they have to vent. 

A 3 kilo afterburner, eh? I'd love some pics!


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