I know coffee can be used as a natural (and organic) fertilizer for gardens and even coffee plants. So, I am trying to collect grounds to start my spice and veggie garden this spring and was wondering if anyone has tips on how to keep and store the grounds.

I have been saving the grounds from the bottom of the presses around the office daily and using burlap to filter the grounds, but have noticed mold growing on the grounds/burlap. So, I've got a few questions, i was hoping could be answered...

Will the mold affect the grounds as a fertilizer?
What the best way to collect and store the grounds after brewing? And do they need to be fully dried before storing? If so, what has worked for you?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

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anytime man.

Matt Swenson said:
Thanks for the info. I am going to build a composting bin this weekend to get the process started...Brady, Jesse, i may call on one of you later in the year for some more advice...
Coffee has sooooo many uses, isn't it grand:)
Since the terrorism threat on our planet nitrogen has been banned from sale in local nurseries.
So the used coffee grounds that we usually turf have become very useful as a fertilizer as they release nitrogen into the soil as they do their 'chemical breakdown stuff'.
Dont be gettin any nasty ideas now!!:)
Remembered this discussion from a while back and seen a article today on Yahoo as I was logging into my e-mail; too much info. Here it goes: http://green.yahoo.com/blog/huddlergreenhome/36/recycling-your-used...

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