Are you going?  Just curious what kind of presence BX members will have at Coffee Fest?


If you are going, where do you spend your time?  Looking at equipment, educational classes, training, show floor?  

Finally if you need free passes, let me know :)


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I will be there.  I typically spend my time all over the floor networking and checking out new trends, products, equipment and services.  I like to catch a couple of lectures if there are new ones.  Mike--we met at the last coffeefest, and as a consultant, that is what I use these events for, setting up working relationships with quality people and companies.


I find these events very useful but definitely not as fun as SCAA...


Also--I'd love some passes...

Hey Matt - I remember meeting you.  I just shot you a free pass for the show.  


Your comments are kind of interesting. . .  From a business standpoint, I find Coffee Fest to be a better show for us but that is probably because we focus on the independents.  SCAA was a blast in Houston but ultimately not as profitable as most of the Coffee Fest shows.  I do think the show floor at SCAA is more educational however. 


I will be attending coffee fest! Hopefully we will bring our whole staff around 7 people to check out what the coffee community has to offer. Hoping to take advantage of the free classes while also checking out all the new brew gear. Having horrible time with our piece of shit so we will also be looking at POS. If you have any free passes we would love to get in touch thanks for the question
Austin, good to know . .  . Shoot an email to me ( and I'll send you free passes for you and your staff.

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