Is anyone else going to Coffee Fest Chicago in Feb? Not seeing much talk going on about it. Still trying to figure out if I will make it or not. If so, I'll probably be coming alone since I dont have anyone else available to come with me that weekend so I'd like to meet up with some of the Exchange folks & hang out. Specially since I've never been to Chicago!

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Can't wait to catch another barista competition....they're almost addictive as the coffee is.

My boss and I will be there sampling our stuff ( - I'm from a gourmet baked goods place near Chicago, and can't wait to see some of the fine latte art- that's always amazing to me. If you have time, stop by booth 902 to say hi and try samples of some of our yumminess......
I'm happy to make recommendations for folks for places to eat/drink/etc. out but would need to know more of what you're looking for in terms of area of the city or genre or price range, etc. (it's a big city... help me narrow it down).

For those that are asking, my top pics for coffee shops to check out might be Intelly Broadway or Millenium Park stores, Metropolis' cafe (further north), and maybe Cafe Istria in the Hyde Park Art Center (south side) or Brother's K in Evanston (far north). (Google is your friend.)

You're welcome to come by The Coffee Studio too, of course. We're open 6.30 am-9pm everyday, and you're welcome to stop by anytime and say 'hello'.

We're actually just a block from Metropolis' new roasting works (they're at 5545 N Clark, we're at 5628 N Clark), so if you're headed over there Friday night for their grand opening party/SCAA mixer, feel free to stop by the shop before/during/whatever.

To welcome them to the neighborhood, we're actually gonna throw some of their Redline on our third grinder on Friday as our first guest spro, and all doubles (Black Cat Classic or Redline) will be on us. We'll be open til 9pm, and then we'll be swinging by the party ourselves.

The Coffee Studio
5628 N Clark St
tel 773 271 7881

PS- Jay (ono), don't miss The Violet Hour for drinks (and a few small plates), if you haven't been been by there yet.

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