Is anyone else going to Coffee Fest Chicago in Feb? Not seeing much talk going on about it. Still trying to figure out if I will make it or not. If so, I'll probably be coming alone since I dont have anyone else available to come with me that weekend so I'd like to meet up with some of the Exchange folks & hang out. Specially since I've never been to Chicago!

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No one else yet, times are tight for jet-setting around the country. A couple people are still looking for cheap flights, debating between Chicago in February and someplace warm for spring break. We'll see. I'm looking forward to tasting some SOE from your tricked-out machine!

Greg Suekoff said:
I will be competing in the first round on saturday... We are getting a ridiculous machine for the show and I am hoping to bring some SO African Espressos to try, you can make yourself at home at our booth... Any other Dockers?
I will be there!

Andrew Burgason
Burgie's Coffee and Tea Co.
I'm going to be there with Caffe Pronto. Can't wait to see all of you!
Traveling all the way from Phoenix! I can't wait! I'm super excited... this will be my first!
yo nicely are you going to be at the millrock latte art comp?

Nicely said:
Myself and a few homies from Intelligentsia will be there as well!
i'll be representing portland oregon in the millrock latte art comp.
Coming up from C-bus, ohio. Haven't met many of you, but looking forward to millrock!
I'm going to do my best to make it!!
I'm going to be heading down to Chicago Thursday night from Minneapolis, and I'll be getting there Friday morning around 6:30.

anyone know of any good spots to go out for breakfast?

slash want to meet up for breakfast?

also, any other really nice restaurants I should be checking out?

Looking forward to my first Millrock

Although I'm a Barista in Chicago I'm from Ohio. I see a few Ohioians coming too

Anyways I'm extremely nervous and excited for this weekend. My first Coffeefest too.
i'll be there. steady rocking lime light.
I'll be in town the entire weekend and out and about Friday and Saturday nights. But I won't be down to CoffeeFest until Sunday. I've got some manufacturer tours and a certification class to attend also over the weekend.

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