I live in College Station, TX and the local coffee shop that I used to frequent is unfortunately no longer in business. They were the only shop in town that offered drinkable coffee in my opinion. I really cant believe that they had to close because the coffee offered there was simply AMAZING.

Anyways now I am at a complete loss as to what to do for a good cup of coffee. I cant afford to purchase my own espresso machine, at least not one that will actually make good espresso, and I cant move to Austin because my wife is attending grad school at A&M.

Has anyone else dealt with a particular situation and how did you cope? Does anyone quite possibly know of a secret place in Bryan/College Station that I haven't found yet?
I am going nuts not being able to find a single coffee shop that doesn't scorch the milk and overextract the espresso and serve me a cappuccino in a 12oz cup, WTF?

When the barista made my capp I was cringing the entire time as she shook the pitcher violently up and down the steam wand and she kept steaming and steaming and steaming and I knew the milk was burning and she was creating a mountain of super thick huge bubble foam inside.

I thought about trying to explain to the barista at this place how I like my cappuccino, (steam the milk to about 130 - 140 degrees, stretch the milk so that very very tiny bubbles form a velvety like foam, then pour the milk into the espresso no spoons, and only 4-5 oz of milk) but I am afraid that I will just come off as a pompous jerk and I still wont get the capp the way I want it.

should I just learn to like my capps the sbucks way? what should I do? or perhaps someone knows where the secret coffee lair lies within my area. Please help.

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