Cost of New Leaf 5 Gallon Gravity Bin $135

Cost of Fetco GR 2.2 $1,500

Listening to the metal bar from the New Leaf as it gets chewed up in your grinder... priceless.

As you can see from the photo's, the Gravity Bins are located above the grinder. One of the staff figured out that they didn't need to take the gravity bin down, they could just open the lid on the Fetco and pour away... 

If any of you have these New Leaf containers... there is a metal bar inside the container with two springs attached that control the front lever ... 

You get the idea... totally crushed the motor in the Fetco, metal fragments everywhere...

How was your Tuesday 


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why is there starbucks coffee from sam's club next to your grinder?
I'm sure they're just gonna use it to fill the potholes in the drive thru :) It's a staging area, if you will.

Jared Rutledge said:
why is there starbucks coffee from sam's club next to your grinder?
We're in the Cayman Islands... where there are no Sbucks (sbucks free zone) but we get 1.8 million cruise ship passengers a year... who want... you guessed it...

Good eye by the way...

We carry it as a flavor of the day... in our two downtown stores which are near the cruise ships.

FYI... our brewers are Fetco... so 1 gallon pots... we use 2-3 pots a day of sbucks... vs... ten times that for our French Roast, Foglifter or daily coffee...

But still... we have to offer it as a choice...

On Tuesday's we do Tim Horton's... for the 5,000 Canadians on the island...
Ouch is right!
it's still cheaper than a clover, and a good screening test for the potential employees of the future....Lordy
Did you pull the burr set from the grinder, You may get a pleasant surprise and only have to replace the blades.
Saved !!! Had a technician break the entire machine down, main spring was broken. Took him four hours but her completely rebuilt the grinder and it's good as new.

Going to hang onto this guy... he really knows his stuff.

Now servicing all grinders, Mazzer and otherwise, servicing all brewers... espresso machines... long over due... so happy...

Got doh Jour price down to $250... which is what he charged me for the rebuild... still all in all a good deal.



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