Does anybody know of a reliable Coffee Cart distributor? I'm looking to open an Espresso Stand. Small with a 2 group La Marzocco Machine and a few baked goods. The old world, wood fashioned look would be ideal, but I just need a well made stand when all is said and done. Thanks for the Help.

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There is a company out there called "Coffee Cart Biz". I have worked with them in the past and they have done well. I would give them a shot. Good luck.
Auggie, I don't know if I have exactly what you are looking for but I have a cart I'm looking to sell. Its a 9' black cart, it comes with the works; electrical panel, hot water heater, sink, and built in fridge. Its in great condition but it doesn't have an awning. Which it sounds like you may want. If you are interested further let me know. I've been using it to play on while my space is under construction and have been running a 3 group La Marzocco on it so it will be plenty big enough for you.
I'm very interested in you Cart Trevor. Do you have any Pics? And what are you looking to sell it for? Thanks for the offer.
Auggie, if you want to give me your email I will send you some pics. I'm asking $4500 on it.
Here are a couple on flickr. The writing and menu on the front are actually chalk. The front of the cart is chalk board panels.

Let me know if you want more pics. My email is trevor at
Hi Auggie,

I have been in the business for over 15 years and have used this distributor many times. They make a very well-built, reasonably priced cart. I also sold LaMarzoccos for many years. It's a great machine! See their information below.

Carole Alexander 206-618-8609

Bridge Industries, Inc
Custom Specialty Carts

17631 147th St SE, Suite 4
Monroe, WA 98272

Phone: (800) 466-0852
Fax: (360) 668-1005

For cart/kiosk information:
A division of Bridge Industries, Inc.

I don't know where you are located, but having been in the specialty coffee business consulting and selling machines and carts, regulations vary greatly in each city/county. So when you are buying a used cart, you need to be very careful that it will meet your local health dept. regs. You just might be buying something used that won't work at all.

I've got a Bridge Cart myself & its a great setup. Im looking to build my own next time using basically the same method they do. Its a good cart. VanSan also has some good stuff but they seem pretty expensive. It looks like Coffee Cart Biz has the best start to finish setup with everything you would need to get started. I know they have a special running through the end of November also that looked pretty good. I think it was a 4ft cart with equipment (Single head Astra but Im sure you could upgrade to something else) for about 11000. That may be too small for what you are looking for but they of course have other stuff.

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