Coffea Cultura, who's article was discussed seriously (I think?) in the below thread just won's 2010 award for best blogg. hmmmm

Ok, I usually understand and enjoy irony but things get lost in translation, can you smart coffee professionals tell me if Coffea Cultura really is just big practical joke? To me I can't make sense of it.  funny phrases like  "we participate in the coffee family. From early child training, to interesting coffee-themed novellas for tweens Featuring the character “Spro" decorative posters for the family home with coffee-quality themes, and our all-family jigsaw puzzle “Donde Esta La Cereza Madura?” (Where is the Mature Coffee Cherry?) are mixed with pages that somehow seem real. 

Someone with decent knowledge of US specialty coffee must be bored, have a little bit too much time, mixing some facts around until being just enough distorted to be taken for real by some poor soul, then tweeting @coffea_cultura, creating flickr account with loads of US specialty coffee contacts and posting a mix of strangely controversial articles and funky replies?  They have even created a fake webshop? 

Who is behind it and what is the aim?  art? :-)  The many ironic remarks about europe and Scandinavia makes me wonder if some Norwegian roaster is behind it, making a fool out of Schomer types?  or the other way around?  I am lost. :-)

on a serious note.  Irony is fun but also a dangerous thing used incorrectly, it makes the people who don't "get it" feel excluded and stupid.

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This is my favorite "CCTeam" quote, one of the few I actually understood:  :-)

...being a member of SCAA.....means you are willing to waste 3 days in places like Anaheim or Houston, with their intense local coffee culture, learning about flavored syrups and packaging machines"

I stumbled upon that website a while ago and I thought what self-aggrandizing pricks these guys are...then I realized it's meant to be tongue in cheek...or at least i think and hope it is. ???
Huh, I'm stumped.  I think the site is just a joke, and they are trying to get a rise out of people? Who knows. I chuckled a few times reading some of the responses though. Enjoying your job and doing it well is  one thing...totally flipping out when someone posts something you think is wrong, ON THE INTERNET, no less, is a whole other world. Trust your own pallet, and good lord do NOT try to tell anyone their taste/methods are inferior or "wrong". Sharing ideas and comparing notes is much more fun and productive than antagonizing and arguing to no end.

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