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We need some advice regarding the Coffee Roastering Machine. We are planning to start a coffee roastering company for the local market. Our idea is to start low budget. Does enyone has experiance with Turkish Coffee Machinery? What about their quality? There is also a Korean machinry Manufacturers. Thank you in advance

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have you roasted coffee before? are you in business with anyone who has roasted coffee before? do you have any barista experience?
Thank you Jared for your reply. No, we do not have experiance with coffee roastering. But we are going to follow worksshops in Coffee roasting by a Dutch master and specialist in roasting.
I'm not a roaster, but I've been in coffee for a while. I do hope one day to start roasting a bit on a hobby basis though.

I'd think that perhaps starting with a small home roaster and roasting on a hobby basis for a while might make sense for you. This at least would give you an idea of what you are getting in to.

Here is a good home-roasting resource. (Those guys ought to pay me for as many times as I recommend them...)

My initial thought is that starting a commercial roasting operation is a pretty large undertaking. Given your current knowledge base, its going to take a lot to get you operational. Roasting is an art that takes lots of time time, effort, and good training to do well. Don't underestimate the effort that this will take. Fortunately there are lots of roasters that hang out here and perhaps they can give you advice.

Incidentally, you'll probably want to refer to it as a roasting company and the machine as a roaster.
Brady, thank you for the usefully information. We are aware of the difficulties you mentioned. I was also interested in a rieview about different machinery from Turkey and South Korea. All advise is more then welcome.

Turkish Coffee Roaster machines are in good quality. We strongly suggest you Turkish brands.

I suggest you R&R Roaster and Roaster.

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