I was just wondering what methods/products everybody uses to clean their steaming pitchers.  Some of ours are a bit 'scuzzy' and the usual methods of cleaning them are not working as well as I would like.  Any suggestions?


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If I owned a cafe, I would consider installing one or two of these:


seems like an easy way to keep pitchers clean
Bryan Wray said:
They've got a pitcher rinser on bar...


Yup, we covered that.

you can use the dishwasher and make sure to be cleaned in each shift.
So it looks like Rinza has been doing fairly well. Since it is liquid and I have to use so much, it feels wasteful, but I suppose it is worth it. I wish it came in a powder form like the other cleaners.

Thanks for all of your suggestions!
That's another reason why I like sodium hydroxide (caustic soda): It costs very little. It's also super powerful and though dangerous right out of the bottle, it's totally non-toxic and safe once diluted. Caustic soda is used by the public works department to process tap water. Any trace amount (which isn't likely to happen) won't do you any harm.

Rinza is excellent though; no question about it.

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