Does anyone know what happened to Cirqua Water Filtration Co.? I have been trying to call them and email them. There is no answer or even a voice mail.

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Looks like they closed. How did I miss this?

Here's the only thing I can find so far:

"By Dan Bolton, World Tea News 2/2/2012

Cirqua® Customized Water™ has closed its doors after 33 years and the former employees this week launched Camarillo, Calif.-based Global Customized Water to supply 30,000 former clients..."

And the rest is behind the paywall. A quick google search found nothing on Global Customized Water. Anybody have more on this?

Thanks Brady. It sounds like this just happened. I will look into Global further.

Also, depending on the system, you may be able to get replacement cartridges from Everpure.

Cirqua didn't manufacture anything, as far as I know.  They just rebranded other peoples products.  Their RO systems were made by Nimbus Water.  Nanos by someone else.  Water Tec of Tucson carries parts (  What do you need?





I'm pretty sure the pump on my R O system burned out. I put a carbon and limescale filter on the emergency bypass water line temporarily so I can take a look inside the system.

Hi Joseph - What system do you have?  Model number?  I'm guessing it' a high pressure system, since the low pressure systems still filter, via the prefilters, when they are in bypass. A pump for those can be sourced from other places besides Cirqua.  Let me know if you need help, I've been working on Cirqua systems for over 15 years ( I was trained by Nimbus Water - who makes the 800 RO for Cirqua).  

I did some testing yesterday and I am pretty sure that the problem is the 24 volt transformer. I contacted a local water company and they are getting me a transformer. I think our system is the LP 500. The bypass doesn't enter the filters as far as I can see. Are the membranes and pre/post filters from Nimbus? I would like to have a source for them once I get this thing running again. Thanks for your help!

I had the same issue with my pump on an LP150.  I was able to get a replacement from Global Customized Water via Tracy Parks at  I think the company is still trying to get its legs underneath it, but my system is back up and doing fine as of yesterday so there's hope..

Joseph - The lp 500 is a line pressure RO.  So when the yellow lever is in "Emergency", the water is still going through the prefilters.  No need to add any extra filters when it's in emergency.

     And there shouldn't be any 24v transformer on that system stock.  Sounds like someone put a different lift pump on it.  The stock pump is a variable speed ShurFlo 110v. Though it is par for the coarse from Cirqua to swap in cheaper components.  You can get a new lift pump (non variable), and add an RP tank to the system - so the pump lasts longer and you have more consistent pressure, for under $150 in parts.  

     This system is not made by Nimbus.  The only replaceable cartridge is that big blue one on the side, that's the sediment filter.  The other's are not replaceable- not industry standard components, you have to swap the whole plastic case and replace everything.  I know a place you can get those and will probably be less than what Cirqua was charging.  They are similar, if not the same as what Cuno, Everpure, GE offer.   

     I'm glad you contacted a local company.  

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 those and it will probably cost less than what Cirqua was charging.  

I took another look and it is the lp150. Sorry for the confusion. Aaron,thanks for the link to Tracy. I will contact them for further parts etc.

Hey all.  I was a distributor to Cirqua and supplied pumps to them just before they went out of business.  We were replacing the old pumps Iwaki MD-10L-115 with part number

NH-3PX-H-115.  I can be reached at  Please feel free to contact me.  If anyone has further information about Global Customized water.

I did not get a response from Tracy Parks. I put in a standard 24 volt transformer and a 110v cart pump and put everything back into service. The only thing I could not remember was where the "Hard" street water T's into the mixing valve( which inlet ). Also- what is the optimum tds we are shooting for? Scott- do you know if Nimbus carries the filters and membranes for the LP150? 

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