Any tips or tricks with chocolate sauce pumps in order to achieve better consistency?  We currently use Ghirardelli sauce and pump and the consistency is terrible!

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I understand your concern but have you thought about weighing the amounts you use?  I've often considered placing a small scale, taring it with the cup and then adding the pre-determined amount.  It would go a long way towards maintaining consistency.

When clean and working properly their consistency is not bad. Keep them clean (keeping spares on hand makes this easier). Make sure that all of the internal parts go back in after cleaning, and are reassembled correctly. They also will not last forever, so replace them when they start to lose accuracy or leak. You can keep tabs on their accuracy by periodically checking their output with a graduated shotglass.

Sounds like yours may need to be replaced.

They certainly aren't perfect though. I feel like their consistency is better than eyeball+squeeze bottle but not as good as weighing. You might also consider switching to "barista chips", or some other "scoop into the steam pitcher" product. These are easier to portion consistently, plus the end-product quality is better.

It's a cheap plastic pump (Ghirardelli).  A throw away item. Go get a real pump from a restaurant supply like this - .

Yeah, it cost ten time as much, but will last 1000 times longer.  It's also portion adjustable.  And when it fails, rebuild it. 

Sometimes love hurts.

Hey, you're just down the river from me in the Dalles.  Doesn't your sign say " Grinders: not one once of compromise".  Well, don't compromise on the mocha pump.  

Nice looking shop.  Hope things are going well for you.  I also love local hardware shops, btw. 

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

We use a squeeze bottle and a 4 oz graduated shot glass.  We use 5ml of our homemade sauces for a 6oz cappuccino and 10ml for a 12 ounce latte.  Pull the shots over the sauce, stir and add to cup.  Probably not the fastest method but it works for us.

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