Im really interested in some type of barista jam together here in the nati, just wanted to see if there was anyone interested? I was thinking early summer, and the focus to just be a meet and greet. Also maybe get some of the local area roasters to donate some coffee. Finally maybe even a latte art comp.

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I would have to talk to the boss man, but I am the Master Roaster/Wholesale Manager at Lookout Joe Coffee Roasters and would be interested in discussing the potential of something like this definitely. It's an exciting idea and I see no reason whatsoever why we should not begin to build a community of people that love coffee in the Cincinnati area. There's plenty of business for us all.
Hello boys! I am currently managing the espresso bar @ pacchia in downtown dayton and we are looking forward to being a part of and/or throwing a regional barista jam. Please let us know of any momentum, and we will do the same. I'm excited to have the opportunity to do some exchanging also if anyone is interested. A few of us from the bar will be making a trip down there for a cupping at Coffee Break Roasters. Maybe we could hunt some of you kids down for some other drinking. 3 cheers. hope to hear from you soon!
We are definitely looking for the greater area, it would be awesome to have some baristas come down from Dayton/Springfield and c-bus. Right now Im thinking that we might do a meeting and greet within the next month, and then have a full fledged get together at the end of august. Im hoping to have some of the bigger names in the industry come as well as some of the local companies. Help spread the word. Also what would be the best dates?
let's do it. get boston stoker in on it and we will rep. dayton. also, coffee break and the espresso bar at pacchia.
Awesome, is there anyone out there from Cincinnati?
I am from Cincinnati. I will try and get up to the Speckled Bird sometime this week and talk to the owner there about it. I know his people do latte art. So I'll talk to him and his wife and try and get him in contact with you.
hey all. i manage the coffee emporium in downtown/otr cinti. i'd love to come meet/greet and hopefully some of our baristas will too. we have only a couple baristas pushing the latte art out but it's catching on.
how do you guys feel about an informal get together one of the weeknights the first week in june?
Yeah. That sounds good. When do usually work man? I was gonna come up to Rohs Street and talk to ya. See exactly what you have in mind so I can get the ball rolling on my end and contact anybody that I think might be helpful.
Thursday nights 5 o 6 to close or on monday nights 5 to close. Im always looking for good coffee talk, so stop on by. Rohs street is also a bit of a second home so anytime you stop by there is a good chance that i will be there. Just ask the barista working.
thursdays aren't bad for me. btw, I mentioned the possibility of a jam to our owner Tony and he offered his assistance. Whether it's a sponsership, some kind of prizes or even using our roasting warehouse and setting up a few GS/3s or bringing machines in there for the competition. I didn't know how much a contest feel you wanted, but keep in mind that stuff. I'll try and stop by early this week. I know of at least two of my baristas that are interested.
Well let's do this then eh? What about the 11th?

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