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As a longtime Upstate NY resident, born and bred, I'll be returning this holiday season. However, my schedule allows me to spend more time back home than I have previously enjoyed, and I am thinking about hitting up a couple of local cafes to see if I can geek out a little whilst back in the 315.

Is anyone familiar with any quality coffee shops in the Utica/Rome area? I'd even be willing to travel to Syracuse for a truly rockin' 'spresso sesh.


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You are hereby officially invited to visit my cafe in Bridgewater (15 miles south of Utica on Route 8). The cafe is located in the former Bridgewater School, which also houses a multi-dealer antique center, a country themed home decor and gift shop plus an indoor skate board park. The cafe is open 7am - 2pm Tuesday thru Friday, 8am - 2pm Saturday and Sunday. I'll let you be the judge of whether we qualify as a "quality coffee shop".

BTW, the cafe serves breakfast and lunch and has Wi-Fi.

Ron, the Country Guy
um, if you want to drive to Ithaca, that is where all of the Gimme! production goes down and we have 4 cafes in the area, as well as a few other good shops in town. Although it is the 607 not the 315

Let me know if you are gonna make the trek.

This is awesome! I think that I can probably make my way to both Bridgewater and Ithaca during the week I'll be back home. Bridgewater won't be tough (and I reckon if you're posting on here it can't be anything BUT quality!) but I had to convince my younger brothers that our real purpose for trekking to Ithaca was for Benchwarmer's hot wing eating challenge. So, I may be accompanied by a pair of heartburn-afflicted 19-year-olds.

COME TO ITHACA!!! There is so much here! I have a lovely little coffee shop that I am very proud of. You can also visit 4/6 of the Gimme! locations. Our local coffee roaster, I serve their beans and worked for them for many years. They have remained in the top 10 roasters in the US. Come check us out!
www.theshopcafe.com www.gimmecoffee.com

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