Everyone on here, are from different places. Big cities to small towns. I've been privileged to be able to have both of those experiences, however I prefer a smaller town. That's part of the reason Montana is my calling. So this is my question for this discussion, do you prefer the big corporate places like Starbucks or the smaller friendlier places such as small town Shops? And which shops are your favorite? And if you have a favorite shop, leave an address for me so I can visit it on some of my travels.

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Thanks a lot!! I had never heard of CoffeeTrip.com I'll have to check that out on my trips. I'm going to go to New York next year so that helps a lot. I personally prefer more personable and friendlier places as well. I prefer smaller Coffee houses especially if they are Traditional places and do Espresso like Italy. That's how I was trained, and I've grown really fond of that style.
If you ever travel to Melbourne, Australia, let me know!
I definitely prefer small shops to corporations - you won't catch me in a Starbucks! If you don't know which small shops to visit, it can be a gamble but most of the time they come up better than the 'consistently crap' coffees from large corporations.
Hey I know what you mean man, you won't catch me in a Starbucks either. Too corporate. My Dad keeps telling me to go apply there and not waste my talent, but I don't want to become a drone to corporate life. That's definitely not me. Have to thank Starbucks for opening the market and getting people into Coffee, but that's about it. Not much else to thank them for. But you give credit where credit is due. But I definitely prefer smaller shops, for Coffee/Hangout and for employment.

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