I have been thinking a lot lately about heat stability in my Chemex V.S. Eva Solo's Cafe Solo. Has anyone considered making a neoprene zipper sleeve for their Chemex? Would it be worth the trouble?

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Being new to the gourmet coffee world, I am only just learning about chemex. I had not heard of the CafeSolo until your post. After looking at it, it would be a great way to present coffee to a small group of customers who are going to sit and chill in your cafe for a while. It gives a gourmet prep option that the customer can serve to themselves at their leisure. Some of my regulars would enjoy this kind of service...since I own the joint and my only take home cash is in tips, the CafeSolo looks like a fantastic option for me. Love the geek-tastic look of the chemex set though...but chemex requires some attentiveness...the CafeSolo looks like you can start the party and leave it in the hands of the customer...
an older woman hand made a sleeve for my chemex. i usually drink mine pretty quick because i usually share, but i think if you're drinking it by yourself, i think it's worth it. it's not a zipper one, though. it's a drawstring one.
I'm mostly concerned with the heat stability during the brew process. I truly don't believe coffee should ever sit for more than a few minutes before being consumed.
I've considered commissioning a French Press "sock" from my mother-in-law. To the other posters, the intent of the jacket is to stabilize brew temperature during infusion... I don't believe its meant to keep the brewed coffee warm. A "sock" would serve the same function on a french press. I might have it wrong though.

I don't know that the problem of heat loss in the brewing area would be helped much with insulation. You have that huge open area at the top for heat to escape... could be wrong though. Do some tests with a thermometer with and without wrapping the upper cone with a warm towel?
ahhh... posts crossed in cyberspace?
Yeah a warm towel seems like it would be a cost effective experiment. I agree that the big open space is a major issue... not sure what to do about that one... either way I love my chemex and the coffee it produces.

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