Picked up a used G3. Figured before ordering new burrs ought to at least inspect the existing burrs.


Removed the two screws and removed the plate and knob no problem. Removed the (already broken into 3 pieces) shear plate. Can't get the auger to budge. Attempting some prying, tapping etc. to no avail. Any ideas!? Should slide straight out correct?

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Yeah.  It *should* slide straight out.  I've seen examples of units where the end of the motor shaft was expanded somewhat from the shear disk over years of use.  Can you get the auger to spin on the motor shaft?  Perhaps some WD-40 and large vise-grips are in your future.  Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Yes it should pull out. They do sometimes get glued in place a bit though, and there's no easy way to get them out. The only way I've been able to get really stuck ones out is to build a burr puller.

Went to the hardware store and bought a length of square aluminum tubing and some nuts and bolts. I cut the tubing down so its length was about the same as the burr outer diameter.

If you look at that burr carrier, you'll notice some threaded holes for attaching the burrset. Those will also accept some smaller (1/4"?) bolts from the outside. I drilled a pair of holes in the square tube to line up with an opposing pair of those holes. If the auger isn't too stuck, you might be able to pull it out just by putting 2 bolts through this tube, screwing them into the carrier, and pulling on your newly-created handle.

If that doesn't do it, drill another hole in the middle of the tube, put the bigger bolt in the hole (head opposite the shaft), and thread on a nut from the other side. You can then hold the bolt still while you turn the nut up towards the head. This pushes the bolt end against the shaft, driving the bar outward and pulling outward on the burr carrier. Go slowly, and remember that the little carrier insert is replaceable in case you bugger up the end a bit. Just try not to cock it by tightening the smaller bolts unevenly.

That may not make sense. If I can find mine I'll shoot a quick pic and post it here.

Actually got it to move out about 3/8" by going in from the exit chute (removed) using a large flathead as a wedge. After no more wedge pressure wouldn't budge further fulcrum-lever so gave up for the day.

Brady, thanks for the detailed idea. Some kind of puller exactly what I figured I'd need to do.

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