Conscious Cup is moving! We are building a new Roastery and Cafe, over the next 40 or so days we will be doubling in size, adding a kitchen, adding a cupping/demo lab, a stage and much more seating. Every day I'll be posting an image of our progress.

I'm also uploading more detailed photos on my Facebook page

This picture is 5 days into our construction, sorry I just got a the panarama camera

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Looking forward to the next 40 days

Best of luck and smooth sailing!
Congratulations! Hope the new build out stays (relatively) on schedule.
You know how schedules go... We're working this weekend because we had a delay in getting the permit from the city. Go figure... We will be open the first week of July no matter what, we should be mostly framed out by the end of the day today. I'll get over there in a little while and take some pictures.

I should be able to get another later today they should be done framing by the end of the day.
Hey jason, I'm excited to see what your shop turns out like. I just requested you on facebook so i can keep up with the photos. I have family in crystal lake, so next time i visit, i will buy some coffee from you!

These guys are rocking on a Saturday!

The Facebook photos are all going into the Conscious Cup II Crystal Lake Buildout folder
Hi Jason;

You're cheating just a little. All that plumbing is stubbed up out of the floor and that's a big part of the job... (speaking of which, holy crap that's a lot of plumbing)... just hit the FB friend request to follow the project. I've seen the plans, if you can pull that off in 40 days you are a miracle worker... best of luck. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Marek in Cayman
We'll be just over 45 days including the underground work, you'll see in the FB photo album that most of the electrical is already piped. When they start mechanicals this week they will just have to pipe up to the boxes from the floor. Plumbing is the highest cost of any trade on this job nearly $40K and the grease trap was already installed.

This was taken this morning and shows what was finished on Saturday I'll get another picture before the end of the day they should have the bar front framed out.

Just some electrical going on at the shop today so I though I stopped at the cabinet maker today. The stuff in the foreground is ours.
Keep em coming, with our front counters we have found that the cabinets can't take the weight of granite tops and abuse with regard to water... so we have started framing them in 2x4's and using cement board. Just for the forward facing counter, the rest are standard cabinets.

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