So i am doing a brew event this coming week. I get to brew a coffee of my choice for customers using any brew method my heart desires. i was thinking about doing chemex or v60 but i also have an aeropress, beehouse, clever, and french press at my disposal. I have a good go to recipe for v60 but the others i havent gotten down yet. 

Does anyone having any great recipes/ratios/tips/techniques they would like to share? 

Or what a good place to find some starting points would be?

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Intelligentsia and Madcap have great brew guides online that serve as a good starting point. You can alter the recipe to fit your taste and the coffee you plan to use

I'm really late to the party... Hope the event went well, Eric.  For future reference, is a great resource that aggregates coffee companies' brewing recipes on one page of links.

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