Hey there, world of BX! I've had a concept mulling around in the back of my mind for a while, and I'm finally at the point where I'd like to start testing it out.

I work with Starbucks, and have worked with other chain-styled coffee houses in the past. One day I hope to open my own company with multiple stores, but run it as if it were a bridge between the classic 'corporate coffee' model and a mom-and-pop cafe. I'd want much of my ingredients and drinks as handmade as possible. Specifically, food, mocha sauce and chai. I can go to recipe websites for the first two ideas, but I figured BX might be a better place for the latter.

SO, I would like to create a versatile Chai Concentrate. My idea is this:

Order a bulk, full-leaf chai blend from a wholesaler or roastery. I would then measure it out and then brew it at a concentrated tea:water ratio through a commercial coffee brewer (like the Bunn SH models) in to a heat-safe pitcher. I'd then sweeten it with honey/sugar, chill it, and then dilute it with cold or steamed milk and vanilla syrup to order.

Does this sound doable? Anyone play with house-brewing a chai recipe instead of ordering pre-made concentrates like the ones produced by Oregon and Tazo?

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Yes, it sounds very practical.

Sounds doable and practical enough, I'd say go for it!

We have a few shops in Portland that make their own chai, so if you're around, check them out:

-Pip's Original Donuts

-Either/Or Cafe

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