I am working on my menu in my shop, and am trying to decide about my brewing offerings. I will be having a pourover bar, rather than airpots of mechanical drip coffee, due to my commitment to providing the freshest cup possible. I plan to have a drip station, Chemex, French Press, and possible Aeropress (I realize that few shops use this as a brewing method. I know of one.) I realize that some shops brew French press to pour into airpots, primarily to get them through the rush. However, I am wondering if it is possible to do this with Chemex?

I am currently using my new 8 oz. Chemex at home, learning the brewing process. Based on Jason Dominy's recommendation, I am using 55 grams of ground coffee, and 25 oz of hot water. My pour pattern is 5 oz, water, bloom, 10 oz., wait, 10 oz.

If I wanted to double this, for instance, would I simply double the coffee and water, follow the same pour pattern while adjusting the pour quantity? Or am I risking overextraction? Eventually, one will be unable to hit that 4 minute extraction window. So how far can I take it?

I am not opposed to using French press as the main brewing procedure for airpots during the busy time of the day, but am not familiar with this process. I can brew enough French Press for my wife and I, but I have never attempted a large press worth.

Also, while this has been addressed, I would like some clarification. I know Bunn and Curtis make water towers. Does anyone else? What water tower do you like most, and why?

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I don't find this the least antagonistic, just direct, as I have become accustomed when reading your thoughts, Jay. Thank you for the advice. I do realize that as the first coffee shop in my community, I have the privilege to set the bar, so to speak. And I really do want to set it high. Having worked as a sales manager in a bakery, I understand the "it's easier to never start it, than to take it away" concept, and you are right.

As far as the practicing and establishing my brewing standards, I have been working on it at home, as well as trying stuff on my coworkers. I will continue to do so.

Mike, I know all about the Black Friday late rush. Happened here at the bakery, but fortunately, we were fully staffed. I was running the ovens, so I didn't have to contend with the starved shoppers.

Thanks for all the advice, and the encouragement.

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