Hi, I just received new titanium burrs for our anfim.  I was wondering if anyone has experience with breaking them in.  We replaced them yesterday and ran about 5lbs of coffee thru.  And since have gone thru about 2 more lbs.  Our shots are coming out sour and blonding quicker.  Also the grinder is grinding about 1-1.5 seconds slower than before (it has a timer mod).  Just wanted to check to see if this was common and if so how much coffee I should expect to grind thru first.  


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Yeah. I've had that problem before. It took, I dunno. A good couple weeks before things started calming down and the shots started coming out sweeter and thicker. Stefan & Julian were both wondering what was going on, and I only thought later to ask how much coffee had gone through the grinder before we got it. The answer was "none, it was new in box." I thought, oh duh. No wonder.

How much expired coffee do you have kicking around your place? I'd try running as much of it through as possible. Maybe not the 80lb like in that Coffeed thread about a new Robur, but maybe somewhere around there.

I think you should be in the clear by GLRBC though.
thanks for the feedback james
You might try some Grindz or white rice. The rice being the cheaper of the two.

One thing about changing the burrs in an espresso grinder is that anything, and I mean anything no matter how small, that gets under a burr when you put it back on will screw up your grind. I always make sure the grind chamber is surgically clean and the the burr mounting surfaces have been scrubbed and are shiny bare metal. You probably already know this but I just thought I'd mention it.

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