Ive got a wedding to cater later this spring & the mother has requested something "Brazilian" in theme to be on the menu. Apparently the groom went to Brazil on a missions trip & the grooms cake has brazil on it so she wants something on the coffee bar menu to go with the Brazilian theme. I figured if nothing else I would test out a Brazilian single origin espresso or at least a good brazilian in the espresso blend but I was trying to think of some flavors or brazilian specific coffee drinks that would go good. Any suggestions?


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I really know nothing about Brazil, but do use a SO Brazil Ipanema for our espresso. Gives a great nutty, buttery sort of taste/texture. Seems to make a really good base for blends as well. Later!
Well, the typical Brazilian coffee drink is called a Cafezinho, which is very straightforward. It's basically a stove-brewed coffee that is then strained using a cloth strainer, sweetened, and served in a demitasse. Of course, you could always just brew the Brazilian bean the typical way and then add traditional Brazilian flavors. Cointreau, spiced chocolate, coconut, condensed milk, and turbinado sugar are all things I've seen in a Cafezinho.
Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brasil! It is amazing. that's all that needs to be said about that. Drink coffee the morning after.
Might just do a Brazilian Mocha with a spiced cocoa & a little coconut. That sounds good.

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