Where could I find the Bonmac halogen stations for siphon pots? I found a site off of the Blue Bottle site but it is in Japanese? Can these be custom made? Does anyone know how much a five station would run?

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We found a demo at the Canadian Coffee and Tea show. It was $8000 FOR A DEMO MODEL!!!! I think a better bet is the single station Hario beam heater. Those run around $500 each. I've only seen them on one site, but they've never been in stock.


Hit up the guys at Blue Bottle. They could likely point you in the right direction, but beware the prices. They can get insane.

hey Jeff, thanks for the link...any bites on the slayer?

Roustabout is your contact for most things Hario (at least right now).



Yup. Got a couple good ones. We'll see where we end up. You want it? I'll drive it out myself! JK.

May I ask why your selling it?

Yes you can! Our first location is kind of like a mall kiosk sort of idea. We opened a second cafe in town now, and to cut down on labor costs, we are going to one person in the mall at a time. During any sort of lineup, espresso based drinks fall behind because of the amount of attention the Slayer requires. We need to put in a volumetric machine to be able to keep up. The Slayer is an awesome machine, and this decision was not easy to make.


These units are not yet UL approved (they are currently working on this, but the process can be a long one.  As soon at they gain approval, we will carry and stock them.  I know they can be found by people who bring them in on their own accord to resell, but beware of any insurance/liability implications if anything should happen (fire, electrocution...) that is deemed to be caused by a non UL approved item, as well of lack of product support.  If you are still looking to carry this by late March or early April, send me a message and I will get an update on the UL/Delivery process for you. 

More siphon bars in Providence?

hey simon....just doing a little research! ;-)

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