Hello all, another roasting-logistics-type question:


Curious how other people are blending, particularly smallish operations--not your philosophy/roasting/blending mixtures, but the physical mixing-of-beans-together equipment.  I'm currently using a High Tech Blending Instrument (easily-cleaned kayak oar) and big plastic bins, blending 30-60lbs at a time.  Doing a melange of post-roast blending for a few different blends.  Really looking for some better solutions, hoping someone knows a better trick.  Any replies would be greatly appreciated!

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Sorry I'm so late to your question, and you've probably gotten the answer somewhere else... but, I'll post an answer for posterity's sake.  Maybe someone in the future will appreciate the discussion.

Food-grade cement mixer.  Either Google or these links:



For post blending, we'll just throw whatever we're blending into the cooling tray of the roaster and turn it on, letting everything mix together before dropping it into bins. It works for us, as we're usually done roasting for the day by the time we start bagging things up.

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