Hi, does anybody know about some supplier of products from Big Train, Ghirardelli or Torani in Europe? We are looking for frappé mix here in EU and now it seems to me that is unrealizable task. Thank you!

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If you can't find frappe mix, you can make them from "scratch". You may already do so. But if you have a KILLER mocha frappe, you'll basically never need any other frappe. I've tried samples of powder frappe mix...but...it isn't as good. So we use a mixture of non-dairy, chocolate sauce of choice, espresso, milk, and ice. I use the non-dairy as a thickening agent to add creaminess and texture. I've joked about the frappe's, because we have several to choose from, but really only sell 3 kinds. The mocha java chip (chocolate chocolate chip), C&C (vanilla bean with oreo's), and the Coffee Toffee (english toffee with toffee bits). They're all....awesome!

If you still can't find more info about that, I highly recommend Frozen Bean Frappe Blends. They have the best quality blends and base mixes that I have tried thus far. They do ship internationally and do give out free samples if you want to try them out first. Just go to their website thefrozenbean.com good luck!

I believe "Frappe" is a trademark of Nestles in Europe. So you probably won't find other products labeled as such. It's also the national drink of Greece. Though it's different from the blended milkshake like things served in the US.

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