Space is at a premium in a drive-thru kiosk. I'd love to hear from you
1. Where is your shop located (city, state)
2. What are your best selling items?

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Hi from the Oregon Coast. Scones - hands down. I work together with a local baker that provides us a dry base mix yielding 12 scones that includes flour, creamery butter etc., they come in plastic bags and freeze beautifully. We pull and prep different varieties by adding the goodies, 2 cups of milk, scoop em out on trays, freeze, take out what we need to bake each morning fresh. It works fabulous for me and customers love the variety hot out of the oven. I've had fun with different variations such as creating scones like, spiced chai, date with maple drizzle, almond with almond drizzle, granny smith apple, with white chocolate cranberry being the favorite. Most of the items like white chocolate, syrups for the drizzles and chai are staples we always have on hand.
Good luck to you and "drive on!"


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