Hello! The owner of the restaurant where I work has grown enamoured with le creuset stoneware press pots because they come in fun colors and hold heat better. I am fine with our bodum press pots and figure why fix it if it ain't broke. Aesthetics aside, is there any benefit to the stoneware pots? To me, holding heat is not really a positive attribute as we don't want to hold coffee in the pots anyways. However, we are a full service restaurant and press pots go straight out to tables, so the stoneware pots would be quaint. Any thoughts? I also think they are pricier and if they get chipped or broken at all they would be costlier to replace than the bodum..

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Thoughts? It's the owner's shop. Beyond that press pot coffee should be poured immediately after plunging or it sits there and over extracts so heat retention, except during infusion time, is mute.

You're absolutely right, it is ultimately up to him! I should have explained my role a little more, I am the agm of the restaurant and the manager of the coffee program, so I do have a little say in the decision making. He had come to me wondering about whether the switch was positive or not as he is a chef not a barista!

As far as holding coffee in a press I absolutely agree, however because the presses do go straight out to tables we don't really get to control how long the coffee resides in them beyond telling guests our recommendations.

We did a couple tests using the stoneware pots and found that they actually lost heat faster than the bodum glass ones anyways, though if they were preheated properly I'm sure they'd be similar. The only other major difference was that the body of the stoneware pot was much narrower and taller than the bodums we are used to and that affected the bloom significantly. 

At the end of the day though, if he prefers the look of the stoneware then that is what we will use and we will make good coffee in it. I was just curious if anyone had had any experience using them in a shop and whether or not they preferred them to other materials.


As previously stated, the thought of heat retention should be irrelevant.

Having said that, as an owner of multiple coffee shops, I encourage my staff to constantly question and educate themselves with anything relevant to what we do. I encourage my baristas to constantly think of better ways of doing things and then discuss further to see if in fact it is a better way and in line with our overall business concept. The point is any owner worth his weight encourages thought, after all it sounded to me like you were thinking about cost savings as well as efficiency which was being thought of with the operations best interest. Some of the greatest developements in my business have come from enthusiastic staff members. I look to foster that, not stunt it. So cheers to you for trying to add value.



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