Hello again everyone.  I am trying to decide on a a frappe mix for my soon to be opening coffee shop.  So far, I am considering Capucine, Big Train, and Cafe D'Amore.  I was curious as to what brand you chose for your shop and why.  Thanks in advance.

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We have tried several...often disliked the powdery flavor, texture....have recently switched to Frozen Bean and love both the flavor AND texture. We use a few of their flavors, but mostly the plain latte and add our own Monin flavors.

I have heard alot about frozen bean. Can you tell me what your cost basis would be for a 20oz. beverage (just the product cost)




I think It cost me roughly .75 cents to make a 16oz serving. Which is my large. Great stuff I know they were giving away free cases to retailers at the coffee fest in Seattle a few weeks back. Try calling them they could still be honoring that promo, just say you saw them at coffee fest , that's how I got my free case.

Thanks John, appreciate that!

Full disclosure here... I work for Big Train........ Super curious - what did you end up using and why?

The best frappe mixes are the ones you make yourself. (powder)...Because , they are the only ones you'll make money with. It's easy and delicious. Using toddy saves time and wear and tear on your equipment. Ask your roaster for their best toddy roast , ground for cold brew. Three pound bag of powder frappe mix for $20.00 vs. seven pound batch for maybe five. Do the math.

Totally dig making it yourself. But what do you do so it blends up and has an awesome consistency?

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