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I want to get into green coffee trading - I know I don't have the skills to be buyer yet. I am bilingual, have academic credentials in ag, food safety, and have some experience with international shipping of perishables and occupational health... I am at a point in my life that I can afford taking an internship. Any leads as to what companies might be interested in somebody with my profile? I'd prefer to stay on the west coast, but open to suggestions in the north atlantic states. Ideally fair trade certified...


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If this is something you are interested in pursuing, you may consider attending some of the classes at the SCAA event this coming weekend. It is kind of late notice, but there are probably still some spots available. They have classes that cover many aspects of the business relevant to greens buying.

thanks for the advise! I did look at the classes offered at the conference, but I didn't learn about them with enough time to make arrangements to attend. 

On the other hand, I am very much interested in an unpaid internship... any leads?

I know that there is no silver bullet to gain the skills, but I'm willing to take a few years to get them. And I think I can jump start it all with an internship. 


Leo, I know this seems obvious,but, have you tried speaking to any of the west coast coffee importers? There might be one out there that wishes they could get their hands on a hard working unpaid intern. Email me if you have any questions; wholesale@joebellacoffee.com 

Joseph, I am still researching what companies offer internships, and if those would give me the skills that I want to attain. I'll email you for more information. Any lead helps. Thanks!

So, I haven't had any luck so far :( 

I found a great Co. that is doing exactly what I would love to do and they offer a fellowship, however they want fellows to be enrolled in a school as they do not offer unpaid internships. Out of luck there...

Any other ideas?

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