Congrats to El Jefe Rye on a cover thats hotter than Jen on G.Q.

Digital access:

pwnage, u 4r3 73h n00bz, w00t!

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The cover is ok, but everyone knows that page 23 is where its at!
that cover is smoldering hot.
It's like they took the unimaginably complex puzzle box that is Zak Rye, unlocked him, tore out his heart and slapped it, still beating, onto the pages of a bi-monthly.

Seriously a great depiction of the man, his shop and the goons that work for him. I got a little teary-eyed when he mentioned my alma matter, the Drowsy Parrot.
I'm going to walk around with that cover stapled to my forehead so that people know how smokingly celeb my friends are.
Now that's an iced drink we can all get behind. Congrats, Zak!
That article makes it an honor to have been repeatedly kicked out of Ypsilanti by Zak.
fear the mitten and props to rye and the uglies

ethan we missed you at much that i think we called you.
Who the F is Zak Rye?

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