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My name is Gabe and in May I will be rubbernecking the outer rim of the US. I've been a barista for four years and in coffee for six. I decided to take this trip when a trip to Milan to go work at a friends cafe fell through. Our original plans were to fly into Madrid and leatherneck our way to Milan to go work for a friend, Miguel. But Miguel said it wouldn't be possible anymore due to his decision to sell his cafe to a very impatient buyer. So I had been saving money for about 18 months when I said, "Hey, lets just trek the US!" When my company was finally in agreement we mapped out a trip across the outer rims of the US. We are going to have to stop and work in a few cities or towns to make it all the way and by our estimation (based on destinations, time spent at each destination, and money) it will take us between 8 and 12 months. I thought, "How cool would it be to pick up shifts at different coffee houses along the way!" I was wondering, if anyone out there is interested, if they might want to pick up a traveling barista for a day or three, to pour in their store. Just an idea I wanted to throw out to the community. Feel free to bash me or to support me. What can I say? I am spontaneous and full of energy. Anyone ever experienced this sort of thing? 

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Are you hitting the mid-coast? If you follow the border you'd hit my shop in Michigan, but no one just comes through MI you have to want to come here.
If you're going through Iowa I might be able to help you out.

But...just like Chris said about MI, no one just comes through Iowa, you have to want to come here as well.
Ha! Thats the beauty of the whole thing. I can go where I want! Of course I want to come to Michigan and Iowa! If it is an opportunity to work in coffee for a few days than yes I would love to. I hope you all are managers or have the authority to say "Yes, come work for a few days!", cause if you do have that authority I am so in. Of course it will be later on in 2010 before I can get out there to you fellas. Iowa would be the first stop and Michigan afterwards. Awesome!
There is also Miami. Well, everyone wants to come here. Are you? We are close to Fort Lauderdale. Put Creme Brulee Cafe on your map.
I think you have a wonderful idea! It makes me want to do the same trip next year but by biking the whole way. I'm a Barista in Chicago. I know that the shop I work for wouldn't be able to accommodate; however, I know of a few others that may be able to assist you. The Italian Coffee Bar, Brothers K, Buzz, Noble Tree, The Fix, Dollop, and maybe Metropolis if you caught Tony on a good day. Send me a message if you'd like contact info!
Sadly, Miami is not on the route. Why? Cause I have been there a bizillion times before. Not that Miami isn't amazing, cause it is. Cause that is the ONLY reason I would go to Florida... and I live in GA.

Barbara Adams said:
There is also Miami. Well, everyone wants to come here. Are you? We are close to Fort Lauderdale. Put Creme Brulee Cafe on your map.

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